Rita and Crocodile

“Rita and Crocodile” is a series of 5 min. films for small children. Rita is 4 years old, very determined and used to getting things her way. She has a very hungry friend, Crocodile, who lives in the bathtub. Most probably, Crocodile only exists in Rita’s imagination, but in the films we see the world through Rita´s eyes, and Rita believes in Crocodile.

English title:
State of progress: in development
Category: Animation / Short series / Children
Audience: Children 2+
Running time: 26 x 5 min.
Format: DCP / 1:1,78
Director: Siri Melchior
Composer: Tanera Dawkins
Producer: Marie Bro
Production: Ladybird Films, Dansk Tegnefilm, Les Films de l’Arlequin
Development support from: Creative Europe, The Danish Filminstitute, Nordisk Film & TV Fond
Broadcasters: Canal+, RBB, NDR, MDB, DR, SVT, YLE, TV2 Norway, RUV
International Sales: Dandelooo, +33 (0) 184 16 19 47, melissa@dandelooo.com